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We’re all unique individuals – we know this at the Wealth Management group at First National Bank. We understand that affluent clients, and those who are fast approaching that status, face their own personal set of financial situations and needs. That’s why, when pairing you with the team that will help you accomplish your goals, we take this into consideration.

We’ve been providing wealth management guidance for six generations, and, to this day, we still represent an experienced team of investment managers, trust professionals, private banking specialists and more – all with a deep understanding of wealth management and the needs of clients who seek to protect and maximize the value of their wealth.

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    Dave Janus

    Group Head & Sr. Vice President, Wealth Management

    Dave is Group Head and Senior Vice President of the Wealth Management division at First National Bank. Serving... more

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    Steve Lindsay

    Senior Managing Director, Wealth Management

    Steve is Senior Managing Director of Wealth Management. He leads our Wealth practices in Illinois, Kansas, and... more

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    Steve Wade

    Senior Vice President, Investment Services

    Steve joined First National Bank in 1999 and is currently Senior Vice President of Investment Services in the... more

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    Kurt Spieler

    Senior Managing Director, Investment Management

    Kurt is Senior Managing Director of Investment Management and responsible for developing and implementing inve... more

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    Craig Sall

    Senior Managing Director, Private Client Services

    Craig is the Senior Managing Director of Private Client Services, but his history with First National started... more

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    Jennifer Benson

    Managing Director, Great Plains

    Jennifer is the Managing Director for Wealth Management in Nebraska and South Dakota including Columbus, Norfo... more

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    Marietta Luellen

    Senior Vice President, Trust Services

    Marietta is the Senior Managing Director of Trust Services. She is responsible for personal trust services ac... more

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